Intimate hygiene and protection for your everyday use

Welcome to the HoneyPot Institute of Female Hygiene. HoneyPot Institute of Female Hygiene is an effort in the field of female hygiene by the promoters of RHR Medicare. RHR Medicare has acquired a leading position in manufacturing and supply of high-quality pharmaceutical formulations across the globe. RHR Medicare is a subsidiary of Apex Drug House, a 40 year old company engaged in manufacturing of finished formulations. RHR Medicare has excelled in manufacturing world-class range of products from Tablets, Capsules, Syrups, Ointments, Dry Powder Injections, Ophthalmic solutions to Topical Creams. RHR Medicare has also created a niche with it’s offerings of specialty products like Lozenges, Dermaceutials, Aerosols, Mosquito Repellents and Condoms. The products maintain International standards as each product is manufactured at cGMP certified facilities as per WHO guidelines, adhering to global production standards.

RHR Medicare’s HoneyPot Institute of Female Hygiene is dedicated to Educate, Engage and Empower women of all ages. It is a platform to create awareness and impart knowledge related to the sensitive topic of Female Hygiene, a subject that is hardly talked about or discussed and often gives a very ingrained sense of embarrassment or stigma to women. The Institute fosters conversation around Female Hygiene and inspires women to update themselves on hygiene issues. It focuses on daily personal hygiene as well as hygiene issues for special conditions for e.g. hygiene practices during vaginal infection, during menstruation, post-delivery hygiene etc.



HoneyPot Institute of Female Hygiene is dedicated to create awareness and educate females about intimate hygiene. An evidence based detailed information on all the aspects related to female hygiene. These information will not only help female know own body but will also provide solutions and prevention methods for hygiene related issues.


Women to Women engagement through corporate meets and tie-ups. Participating in corporate events, educating about intimate hygiene as well as resolving personal queries. A special program for all the working women, covering the basic to beyond basic needs for prevention of possible diseases and special conditions.


This platform will help women from various fields to access their potential resulting in self development. Women will get an opportunity to work and earn, with flexible timings. Women can build a successful career with us, enabled with training and development, through professional courses.

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